Over the last few days a couple of dead trees near the back garden were felled by a couple of local lads - Jack and Ira. The Sycamore and larger Ash trees were over hanging the drying green and could have fallen into the garden or onto a car during a stormy night. We decided to be pro-active and call in the experts would used their extensive knowledge to lighten the trees and fell in a controlled manner into an empty field. Jack and Ira used a variety of ropes, pullies, jacks and power tools to do the business. It turned out that the base of the Ash had started to hollow out therefore taking the tree down now was the right decision. In addition to the large amount of firewood the trees will provide there is also an excellent burr that a skilled wood turner could use. Jennie has plans to replant and the younger trees she is cultivating are growing nicely in their pots ready to take that step to be replanted behind the garden. Thanks Jack and Ira for a great job professionally and safely executed.