We're absolutely thrilled to open up our first dog paddock at Killean Farmhouse and Cottages. The dog paddock is almost 1 acre in size and provides a safe area for your dogs to run freely off the lead.

Due to local regulations, the dog paddock is currently only open to guests staying at Killean Farmhouse and Cottages. All guests receive some free credits to use the dog paddock, so make sure you login with the username and password before completing your booking.

Booking Form

Terms & Conditions

When making a booking you agree to abide by the following terms and conditions:

  • Please do not arrive at the paddock more than five minutes before your booking is due to start and please keep your dog(s) restrained until the field is vacant.
  • When entering and leaving the paddock, please be aware of other dogs around you and give them sufficient space as they may not be as friendly as yours.
  • The maximum number of dogs in the paddock at any one time should not exceed 8.
  • Your dog remains your own responsibility whilst using the paddock and should not be left unattended in the paddock.
  • Please ensure that you close the gate properly behind you when you enter the paddock.  You are responsible for making sure that the gate is secure and that your dog cannot escape through or under the gate. 
  • You are responsible for picking up your dog’s poo and you must pick up after your dog and place it in the bin provided. 
  • Our poo policy is that if you see it you should pick it up.  Given the size of the field it is possible you may miss your dog’s poo, but we ask that if you see any poo you pick it up and someone else will find your dog’s poo and pick it up.  Help us keep the fields clean and dog poo free for everyone’s enjoyment.
  • Please discourage your dog from making excessive noise whilst on site.
  • Do not allow your dog to dig holes in the field.
  • Please take all balls and toys that you bring into the field away with you.  If these have been chewed or broken, you must ensure that the field is cleaned up and these are removed.
  • When you are finished, you must make sure that the gate is closed behind you when you leave.
  • Please leave on time when your booking is up, especially if another user is waiting.  If you are waiting to enter the paddock please allow sufficient space for the previous user to leave.
  • Anyone found or reported for overstaying their slot or breaking any of these special rules may be banned.
  • In the event of extreme weather conditions we may deem it necessary to cancel your booking, wherein we will endeavour to provide reasonable notice of cancellation and will endeavour to offer you an alternative date and time if available.
  • Refunds will only be given where Killean Farmhouse has had to cancel the booking. Bookings are non-refundable.
  • Puppies from 8 weeks old are welcome but we require all dogs to be immunised before use of the fields.  In addition, we request your dog(s) have up to date worm treatments.
  • You may bring in season bitches to the field.
  • If your dog has developed signs of kennel cough, sickness or diarrhoea in the past 72 hours, we request that you refrain from the use of our facilities. Please note that in the event your dog(s) present symptoms of the conditions previously listed, or any other condition or illness which can or is likely to pose a risk to the health and welfare of any other dogs, field users or staff present then you, your dog and anyone accompanying you, will be asked to leave the field immediately and no monies will be refunded.
  • Furthermore, we will not be held responsible for any injury or illness contracted by any dog or person who uses our fields.
  • We will not accept responsibility for injury, illness or death of your dog from using our facilities. You are advised to insure your pet for all eventualities.
  • Killean Farmhouse accepts no liability for any losses suffered whilst using the facilities.
  • You accept that your use and enjoyment of the secure field, which includes the car park and path leading to the field  is entirely at your own risk and as such, agree not to hold Killean Farmhouse, its owners or staff responsible for any injury to you, your family/friends or your dog(s) arising from your use and enjoyment of the secure field. Moreover, the fenced section of the field is a large outdoor space, with the potential for areas of uneven ground or holes which could be concealed under long grass or other vegetation, and may from time to time have overhanging branches from trees around the edges which may fall or have fallen and could contain other hazards consistent with the countryside and, any as such, any incidence of same which causes or contributes to injury to you, your family, friends or your dog(s); Killean Farmhouse cannot be held liable.
  • As part of your use and enjoyment of the secure field; you agree not to let anyone else into the secure fenced area, other than any friends or family members you have brought with you to enjoy walking your dogs.
  • You accept that all equipment in the fields is only for the use of the dogs and you will not climb, play or stand on any of the equipment or permit anyone else to do so.  You agree not to hold Killean Farmhouse, its owners or staff responsible for any injury to you, your family, friends or your dog(s) arising from your use of the equipment in the field.
  • In the event of bringing  a friend or family member, or sending somebody in place of you, you agree that you assume responsibility for their safety and ensure that they abide by these terms and conditions at all times whilst using the field.
  • The fences and gate are regularly checked. However, as part of your use and enjoyment of the field you agree to be mindful of any holes or other damage to the fence or gate.  Such damage may occur from time to time for various reasons, including digging by dogs or other animals (which may cause an opening or breach in either the gate or fence), falling trees or branches and general wear and tear. If you become aware of, or observe, any issue with the condition of the fence or gate, please make us aware immediately so that we can alert other users and so that we can repair it as soon as possible. Killean Farmhouse cannot accept responsibility for any dog escaping the field through either the gate or fence, irrespective of whether this is a consequence of a defect in the fence or gate or whether we have notified you in advance or not.
  • Killean Farmhouse cannot be held liable for any injury to your dog or for any injury or damage caused by your dog(s) in and around the premises. Accordingly, all dogs must be kept on a secure leash until entering the secure field. In addition, Killean Farmhouse will not be liable for any injury or damage sustained or caused by your dog in the event that the dog, for whichever reason, becomes untethered. This includes, but is in no way restricted to; your dog running wild in or out-with the Killean Farmhouse grounds, or suffering injury or harm on near-by road(s), or being attacked by another dog.